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Transfer Domain Name

In order for HyperTEK to host your website using your domain name, you will need to file a domain modification request with the company that your domain name was registered through. Customers that have previously registered their domain name with a third-party domain registrar (such as VeriSign) must transfer the domain name to HyperTEK's Domain Name Servers (DNS) before HyperTEK can host the website.

The domain owner is completely responsible for the domain transfer / modification process.

Please contact your domain registrar for technical support and assistance with transferring your domain name to HyperTEK. We will attemp to help with the domain transfer process; however, please keep in mind that your hosting provider (HyperTEK) has the same amount of power to transfer your domain as complete stranger would. Therefore, HyperTEK cannot provide excessive support resources to assist you with the domain transfer process.

In order to correctly resolve your domain name to the IP address of your website, your domain name record must include the following information:
Primary Domain Name Server
IP Address:

Secondary Domain Name Server
IP Address:

Tertiary Domain Name Server
IP Address:

While you are making changes to your domain, it is a good idea to list HyperTEK as the technical contact for your domain, this allows us to assist you with domain security and management in the future. VeriSign (formerly Network Solutions) customers may use the following NIC handle:
Technical Contact
NIC Handle: MS37171

Customers who are using a domain registrar other than Network Solutions should use the following information:
DNS Administrator

HyperTEK Corporation
PO Box 4327
Troy, MI 48099-4327

Phone: 248.619.0395
Fax: 248.619.1396

The process of transferring a domain can be somewhat complex. HyperTEK will make every reasonable effort to ensure that the process moves along smoothly. The information that follows will provide you with a general understanding of transferring a domain name. If you have difficulty at any time during the transfer process you should contact your domain registrar. If you have registered your domain name through Network Solutions (www.netsol.com), and you have asked HyperTEK to transfer your domain during the account signup process, we will attempt to begin the transfer for you. Network Solutions now has a Web based management solution, providing the username and password to HyperTEK will greatly simplify and expedite the transfer process.

Changing any part of a domain (with the exception of changing the owner or registrar) can be modified by following the steps that are provided by the registrar. The main purpose of this article is to help you modify the technical contact and name server portion of your domain. Since there are hundreds of registrars, it is beyond the scope of this article to explain the modification steps involved with each of them. Instead we will provide the modification steps that are required the most popular domain registrars.

Verisign (www.netsol.com)
Modifying your domain name record with Verisign can be accomplished using any one of three different techniques. The preferred method of updating your domain is to use VeriSign's online Account Manager. If you cannot logon to the Account Manager, the second method of changing your record is electronically via e-mail. The final method of requesting a change is via manual letter (fax or mail).
Account Manager
For domain names that have been registered recently, VeriSign offers an online Account Manager. The Account Manager is by far the quickest and easiest way to make changes to your domain. This method includes using a Web based interface to modify your domain.

Transferring your domain electronically usually takes somewhere between 24 and 48 hours to complete. The main reason for this is the WhoIs database is only updated twice a day. Electronic transfer is based around an "e-mail template" that is created on the VeriSign website and ultimately sent to hostmaster@networksolutions.com Each field must be formatted exactly as specified or the request will not be processed. Every time you begin an electronic transfer, VeriSign generates a tracking number that must be included in the subject of the e-mail reply from Network Solutions. To begin the process visit the Network Solutions website (www.netsol.com), click on the manage account tab, and then enter your domain name. Once you have entered the domain name, select "transfer my Domain Name to another ISP". Next proceed to the "Expert Forms", next proceed to the "Service Agreement" section. Enter the e-mail address that you would like the e-mail template to be sent to (please note that the e-mail address you enter must already be listed as one of the contacts). Now request the necessary modifications to the domain record. The most important change you will need to make is to change the technical contact to HyperTEK. Once the technical contact has been changed, you will want to change the name server information. Finally click "Submit this form for processing". The e-mail template will arrive in the specified e-mail box shortly. When the e-mail template arrives you will need to reply to or forward it to the hostmaster@networksolutions.com e-mail box. It is after this step that the actual domain modification will take place. If you have completed all of the above steps correctly, the domain name will be modified sometime within the next 24 to 48 hours. Many people experience the following common problem: The e-mail template was returned and states that there was an error processing the request. The solution to this problem is to make sure your email program does not add any special characters to your reply or forward, or indent the message. This is a very common mistake that causes your request to be returned as unsuccessful. The solution to this problem is to copy the entire message to your clipboard, open a new message and paste the contents of your clipboard into the new message.

Manual Letter
Network Solutions requires you to attempt an electronic transfer before you are permitted to send in a manual letter via US Mail or fax. Use this solution only if all other methods fail.
Register.com (www.register.com)
Register.com provides a simple and easy to use Web based interface for modifying the domain name. To access the Web based manager go to www.register.com, then click on "Sign In", once you have signed in follow the on screen instructions to modify the Domain Name Servers (DNS) using the information provided at the top of this article.